Searching for Private High School Rankings?

Students who want to attend the very best universities and thus have the best chances at top careers usually have their eye on college admittance way before college is near.  For these students, attending a top high school can be important.  Private high school rankings are an aspect of education that the most ambitious students will want to understand.

Ashworth College

Private High School Rankings

Ashworth College is an Accredited Member of the Distance Education and Training Council. The Accrediting Commission of the Distance Education and Training Council is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a globally recognized accrediting agency, for online learning schools and distance education. Their rigorous evaluation process applies the same standards upheld by long-established “brick and mortar” institutions.

Ashworth College is a respected, worldwide leader in comprehensive, globally accredited online education. The college offers vocational courses for those who are still in their secondary education.

Ashworth offers the following programs:

  • High School College Prep Offline Diploma
  • High School College Prep Online Diploma
  • High School Gen Dip Offline Diploma
  • High School Gen Dip Online Diploma
  • High School Offline College Prep Single Diploma
  • High School Offline Gen Single Diploma
  • High School Online College Prep Single Diploma
  • High School Online Gen Single Diploma
  • Vocational High School – Computer Diploma
  • Vocational High School – Skilled Trade Diploma

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Private High School Rankings

What are private high school rankings?
Private high schools, otherwise known as preparatory schools, are private high schools that are often highly sought-after with quite competitive admissions.  These private high schools literally prepare students for admission and success in the best universities.

Why seek a highly ranked private high school?
The better universities will always find a student from a highly ranked private high school more attractive than one from a school with less stringent standards for grading.  From a different view, students from higher ranked private high schools will also been exposed to and succeed in higher quality education in order to maintain their enrollment.

How do the highly ranked private high schools affect later success?
An exceptional education starts with admission into an exceptional university, the chances of which can be greatly improved by attending a top private high school.  The quality of one’s high school education definitely affects the quality of college one attends and is not overlooked by the most particular employers offering the premium jobs and wage opportunities.

How are private high schools ranked?
Methodology of ranking the top private high schools depends on the institution ranking them but most are ranked according to performance which can be determined by SAT scores and MCAS.  However, other factors such as teacher-to-student ratio, school size, and value of education might also be considered.

When considering a private high school for the best chance at later admission into a top university, examining private high school rankings is one way to make sure the prospective high school will provide the competitive edge and exceptional education that the student will require.